Hard 服务


It’s easy to lose track of how much money you’re spending on utilities. 旗舰 works with you to monitor, measure and control various usage metrics that impact your facility. The collected data can help to identify operational adjustments that will reduce waste, energy and costs.

One way to keep your HVAC and Boiler systems efficient is to keep them well-maintained. 旗舰’s trained and certified professionals will monitor and maintain your facility’s most important systems and provide you with all the data and results to ensure occupant comfort and safety. Our building engineers can support equipment selection and installation, then commission, 启动, operate and maintain the facility.


Project Management, Sourcing and Vendor Management

Achieve incredible results with our trained and certified project management teams. They will assist you with any facility-related project and help you with scope development, vendor selection, critical path planning and scheduling, day to day field management, and budget management for expense and capital projects.


High Voltage and Power Distribution

旗舰’s trained and certified professionals can help you operate and maintain your high voltage distribution network. They will maintain system components, circuit breakers, 电缆, and other necessary pieces of equipment through testing and calibrations. Data experts can develop proactive programs infused with advanced sensor technology that will monitor usage, minimize downtime and increase productivity.

Elevator Maintenance

Proactive asset management and maintenance can reduce downtime and extend your elevator system’s life. 旗舰 will monitor, manage and 时间表 maintenance on your vertical transportation system to optimize the system’s value and minimize risk.


Roof and Exterior Maintenance

旗舰 will help you maintain and preserve the outdoor space of your facility to protect the facility from harmful conditions, such as leaks, pests and mold. A strong exterior maintenance plan can also help you save on utilities and reduce the risk of something small, like a crack, causing major damage if left undiagnosed.

Parking Lot 服务

Whether your parking lot or garage is a source of income or a perk for the employees of your facility, 旗舰 can ensure that its technical systems are operating properly, including lights and signage. 旗舰 teams can also make sure the area is clean and safe, remove trash and note any safety or weather-related hazards.


A CMMS or Work Order (WO) system is only as good as the information that is put into it. 旗舰 can help you reduce downtime and extend the life of your assets by entering consistent information about systems, their maintenance, and then providing you with the data to make informed decisions.

旗舰’s Environmental Health & 安全 (EHS) team can provide services that will support safe practices at your facility and promote a 健康y and safe facility environment. This can include environmental safety, 健康, wellness assessments and job hazard analyses to ensure a safe workplace.

旗舰’s trained and certified professionals can help you get through even the biggest plumbing headaches or hazards. We will monitor, 时间表, and perform preventive plumbing maintenance, inspect septic and sewage systems, provide emergency plumbing services and help you manage large-scale plumbing projects.